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60 Days 60 Hacks Week 5

June 13, 20151 min read

I’m now five weeks into my learning project #60days60hacks.

I’ve been documenting this all on Today I Learned, a project I built with my team at Hashrocket. We recently hit 100 posts on that site, and every day Rocketeers in Jacksonville and Chicago are producing great content there. I encourage you to check it out.

This week I learned:

  • How to rebase with execution
  • How to cast an array as a sentence in Rails
  • How to rename a git branch locally and on Github (without breaking everything)
  • How to clear a git stash
  • How to execute callbacks conditionally
  • How to cast a TimeWithZone as a date in SQL
  • How to source dive a bundled gem
  • How to rename a tmux window a lot of different ways

It’s been fun to challenge my grasp of the tools I use every day. I’ve been writing a lot of JavaScript lately and I’d like to incorporate that into next week’s posts. JavaScript was the first language I experimented with, and I am continually reminded of what a powerful language it is. Mastery of JavaScript is imperative for an expert developer, and so I plan to write a lot more of it in the coming weeks.

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