Jake Worth


  • Today I Learned

    TIL is an open-source project by Hashrocket that exists to catalogue the sharing & accumulation of knowledge as it happens day-to-day. Posts have a 200-word limit, and posting is open to any Rocketeer as well as selected friends of Hashrocket. The original Rails application was my Hashrocket apprentice project. We open sourced TIL in early 2016, and today I maintain the project with my fellow Rocketeers.

    Written in Elixir and Phoenix.

  • Today I Learned (Rails)

    Predecessor to Tilex, written in Ruby on Rails.

  • Capybara::Webmock

    A gem that mocks external requests for Capybara JavaScript drivers. Co-written with Dillon Hafer.

  • jakeworth.com

    Here you are. The foundation of this application was created during breaks at RailsConf 2015, using Ruby on Rails. I wrote a blog post about why I created this application and chose this particular technology stack, available here.

  • TIL

    A collection of short articles about things I have learned. Mostly a mirror of Today I Learned.

  • Capybara Driver Benchmarking

    This is the test app I built for a talk at Hashrocket's Summer Miniconf 2015. Its purpose is to benchmark the performance of the drivers available for use with Capybara.

  • N Plus

    The goals of this project are to demonstrate the N + 1 problem in a Ruby on Rails app, and explore common solutions.

  • Ceramic Nation

    A Markov Chain generated novel.

  • Remarkovable

    A gem that produces Markov chain output from any text.

  • Caesar

    Implements the Caesar Cipher in Elixir.

  • Atbash

    Implements the Atbash Cipher in Elixir.

  • Maine

    A proof-of-concept that returns Maine state facts scraped from Wikipedia.

  • Resources

    This is a collection of free or affordable online resources I have found useful for learning and building projects.

  • Exercism

    My solutions to the code challenges of Exercism.

  • Command Line Cheat Sheet

    A UNIX command line cheat sheet.

  • Gists

    My code junk drawer.

  • Dotfiles

    My local dotfiles (in progress).

  • Talks

    These are talks that I have given around the tech community. My goal by open sourcing this repo is to allow others to see how I prepare and deliver presentations. These slides are meant to be displayed with Deskset.


  • State of the TIL (upcoming), Hashrocket Summer Miniconf, June 2017.
  • SQL Workshop, Code Platoon (Charlie), June 2017.
  • Observing Change: A Gold Master Test in Practice, Sauce Labs (webinar), June 2017. (video) (slides)
  • Observing Change: A Gold Master Test in Practice, RailsConf, April 2017. (video) (slides)
  • SQL Workshop, Code Platoon (Bravo), February 2017.
  • Integration Testing with Wallaby, Chicago Elixir Meetup, February 2017.
  • Git + Vim with Vim-Fugitive, Vim Chicago Meetup, October 2016.
  • Dive into Vim Language Plugins, Vim Chicago Meetup, April 2016. (video)
  • Military to Programmer, Code Platoon (Alpha), February 2016.
  • Test Driven Development/Pair Programming Workshop, Code Platoon (Alpha), February 2016. (video)
  • Introduction to Vim, Vim Chicago Meetup, November 2015.
  • Capybara Driver Benchmarking, Hashrocket Summer Miniconf, June 2015.

Other Stuff

  • Hashrocket Blog: writing for my company.
  • Stack Overflow: answering and asking programming questions.
  • Quora: answering and asking programming questions.
  • PG Casts: screencasting about PostgreSQL.
  • Reading List: recording what I read.
  • Meetup: talking about code on the scene.
  • Exercism: writing algorithms and experimenting with different languages.
Hi! I'm Jake Worth, a developer at Hashrocket, based in Chicago. I co-organize Vim Chicago. Read my blog, learn about my work, follow me on Twitter and Github, get in touch.