Jake Worth

Ceramic Nation

September 11, 20151 min read

Last night I built a Markov-powered generated novel, called Ceramic Nation.

It’s wrapped as a robot named Ellis Champlin, who is diligently composing one chapter a day based on a corpus of classic public-domain novels and philosophy texts.

Here is the site:


And the source code:


This was an exercise in rapidly building an MVP on a couch, CSS, RSpec integration testing, Dev Ops-ing, and Markov-chaining. I’m curious what this bot will produce as the days go on, and am hoping for greatness. I plan to refine the logic slowly to produce better and better chapters, and rotate the source documents as I am inspired by new books and ideas.

A side goal is to break out the MarkovChain class into its own gem. That is a task I find myself repeating on side projects, and it would be nice to encapsulate the logic and release it to the open-source community.

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