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Maintaining Focus

June 16, 20161 min read

I think the hardest thing about being a developer is maintaining focus.

I am as guilty of distraction, FOMO, and indecisiveness as anybody. It’s a plague in our industry. It leads to weeks like this, where I have spend a half-day building a Rust koan library, a half-day reading an e-book about Rust, and fifteen minutes doing a Swift tutorial.

No more!

Here is a list of where I want to devote my open-source time for the rest of June. I hope by posting it here, I will be pressured into staying on track:

  1. Finish this tutorial and ship something (anything) with it. Bonus points for a project that is cool and/or useful.
  2. Build something basic with React Native.
  3. Find an undocumented public method in Rust, document it, and get it merged into the project.

These goals are designed to help me stay on track with my New Year’s goals, while also supporting

60days60contributions, which is about halfway done.

Let’s see how I do!

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