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Rails Pull Request #22140

November 01, 20151 min read

Today I submitted another pull request to Rails:


This was my sixth merged pull request to this project, putting me (at the time of this writing) at #600 on the All Time List. It fixed a common and easy-to-miss typo, the double word.

It’s my second pull request to an open source project in two days. I get a rush when a pull request is merged. But I’ve also realized that there is something great about submitting a patch, regardless of whether it gets merged or not.

I’ve learned from every pull request I’ve written. I’ve learned how to set up a project, run the tests, write good code, and write good commit messages. I can’t control whether it is merged, and sometimes something I’ve felt strongly about has not been merged. As an outsider to project, a pull request is something of gamble.

That’s okay, because making the change is a learning experience either way. From here on I’m going to focus on making good changes, and learning, caring less about whether they are ultimately accepted.

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