Jake Worth

20 Day Github Streak

November 17, 20151 min read

As of today I’ve pushed open-source code to Github every day for twenty days, a personal record. I don’t know when I’m going to stop; most likely Thanksgiving.

Over the last twenty days, I’ve cleaned up my open source projects, added features to my web apps, written TILs, added documentation and backlinks to http://vimchi.com, and submitted merged patches to Ruby, Rails, Rust, and the Ember.js website. I’m most proud of my patch to the Silver Searcher, which allows searches to be scoped to .rdoc files.

This has been an exercise in pacing myself and planning ahead. I have shed every redundant step out of my process to build a pull request. With TDD, Vim and Tmux, a git naming convention that means never deleting a branch, and Github’s Hub CLI, I can crank out a patch a lot faster now.

Today’s patch: adding a license to ‘Maine’, so the terms of distribution are clear.


Tomorrow is day 21.

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