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60 Days 60 Hacks Week 1

May 14, 20151 min read

The first week of my project #60days60hacks.

Committing to learning and posting something new and useful every day has been a good exercise.

Posting each hack online, on Github, and on the project I’m working on professionally, has forced me to be creative and ask better questions of my programming pairs. To quote Tony Robbins: “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

This week I learned:

  • How to sort a Vim range alphabetically
  • The best way to close a file with Vim: :x
  • How to snapshot my current state with Vim
  • How to bypass HTTP basic auth
  • How to send processes to the background in the terminal
  • How to redirect a Rails path
  • How to jump to a non-blank character with Vim
  • How to use the HTML date input tag
  • How to use http://caniuse.com to test cross-browser compatibility (thanks Cameron)

The posts are reflective of my work right now; a lot of Rails and Vim. I’d like to expand to other areas, if my learning takes me there.

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