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60 Days 60 Hacks Week 4

June 05, 20151 min read

I’m now one month into my learning project #60days60hacks.

The bulk of my writing is now going into Today I Learned, a project I’ll explain in greater detail in a forthcoming post. I’m still keeping the Github repo updated with posts I find personally significant.

This week I learned:

  • How to rebase to the root commit of a project
  • How to use the Rails classify and constantize methods for metaprogramming class names
  • How to invert a Ruby hash
  • How to remove a Rails belongs_to association
  • How to rapidly replace ERB files with HAML
  • How to use a block with find_or_create_by
  • How to ignore code that is run by a required file
  • How to edit the current file always in Vim

My work this week focused on the ‘Today I Learned’ app, working through the Neo Ruby Koans, and building a Node.js app to generate random Halo teams in Slack, to support our lunchtime (and after work) Halo matches. I also got deeper into a volunteer project I’ve been working on, cleaning up code and adding integration tests.

All of these efforts have been fertile ground for producing ‘Today I Learned’ content. The recurring theme has been that Ruby, Rails, and Vim are extremely powerful tools that reward continual pondering and exploration.

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