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60 Days 60 Hacks Week 6

June 18, 20151 min read

I’m now six weeks into my learning project #60days60hacks. I’d like to take a minute and reflect.

This week I’ve written about Vim, RSpec, Rails, and Capybara. It’s amazing how deep these tools are. You really can’t know it all, and even if you could, they are constantly changing.

When I was learning to code, I programmed every single day for 70-80 days straight.

Doing that again has been interesting.

One benefit is that I now treat learning and writing as part of my life, and don’t even question it, whether its a Saturday, Sunday, holiday, or when I am tired and everyone has gone home. It (learning, asking questions, writing things down, and publishing them to Github or Today I Learned) is something just I do.

One drawback is that I’m tired. I have always believed that you should take a day off from any activity at least once a week. There are diminishing returns from nonstop work. A lot of my best ideas have come on those days off. As a programmer, you need one day to rest your eyes and hands and go outside. I haven’t done that for six weeks, and I can’t wait to do it again at the end of the project.

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