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60 Days 60 Hacks Weeks 2 & 3

May 28, 20151 min read

I’m now three weeks into my learning project #60days60hacks.

Writing every day has been fun and challenging. It’s forced me to be creative and find hacks around every step of my process. My Github streak is eighteen days, the longest it’s ever been.

Over the past two weeks I’ve learned how to:

  • Use multipurpose environmental variables
  • puts multiple lines
  • Reverse a string
  • Quickly interpret Ruby truthiness
  • Find the min and max of an array
  • Call a VimScript method from within a VimScript file
  • Find the current value of a Vim setting
  • Match a Ruby string with case-insensitivity
  • View command line history and call previous commands

And a lot more.

The big themes have been digging deeper into the Ruby standard library and getting faster at Vim. Beyond of the technical improvements, finding these answers has led me to ask better questions and engage deeper with my colleagues. It’s made me a better consultant and developer.

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