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Porting from Rails to Gatsby

January 05, 20191 min read

Jake Worth Dot Com power-users will notice that I’ve revamped this site. This week I transitioned this blog from a Ruby on Rails app to Gatsby. My blog is now a React app with pre-rendered markdown.

In five years I’ve taken this site from WordPress to Rails, and now to Gatsby.

Why change, twice? For me, blogging has a side benefit of giving me my own CMS to maintain. I feel driven to ensure that my platform is cutting-edge, fun to use, and relevant to my current work. I’ve been writing 100% React for almost two years, and so this transition feels inevitable.

What do I lose in the trade? I lose a Rails app to maintain, and a handful of CRUD features I built. Right now that’s an acceptable tradeoff. The Rails code lives on here:


I’d like to say on the record that Rails is still cool.

The transition was really simple; I dumped my PostgreSQL database into Markdown files with a Ruby script, downloaded the Gatsby Starter Blog, added the markdown files, and pushed to Heroku.

Now that I’m in production, I have some work left to do. I’d like to add tests, CI, and type support via TypeScript, so I can have more confidence in the code.

Onward! 🎉

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