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May 07, 20151 min read

Frequent visitors to this blog will notice it looks different lately.

The previous version of this blog was written in Wordpress PHP and hosted by GoDaddy. This version is pure Ruby on Rails.

I was inspired by RailsConf 2015. The keynotes and bounty of impressive speakers reminded my why I love Ruby on Rails. The development path is a model for open source development and I am impressed with the announced features coming in Rails 5.

I realized that to be truly dogfooding my development ideas, I’d need my own Rails app that I have a vested interest in making as good as it can be.

This app incorporates all the leading practices I have learned at this stage in my journey. It is:

  • 100% TDD (96.97% coverage)
  • Written with Tmux and Vim, with a variety of excellent Vim plugins
  • Markdown-supporting
  • Running on a fast Puma webserver and Heroku hosting
  • Loaded with cool gems and tools I want to experiment with
  • Styled by me (although I love Bootstrap) Edit 2/2016: switched back to Bootstrap, see: http://www.jakeworth.com/blog-redesign-part-2
  • Open Source

As a side note, I wrote most of this platform during breaks at RailsConf. Powered by coffee.

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