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Open Source Again

December 14, 20191 min read

Today, I opened the source code to this blog on GitHub! 🎉


The previous iteration of this application, a Ruby on Rails app, was open source, and so open-sourcing its successor made sense to me. It’s an example of a simple React/Gatsby developer’s blog.

Inside this codebase, you’ll see bones of the Gatsby Starter Blog. I’ve added Prism.js, Cypress integration tests, some helpful commands, marketing pages, and a few styles.

Gatsby.js is amazing. If you’re blogging with markdown, and have familiarity with JavaScript, seriously consider it. I think server-rendered pages should be the default choice for basic blogging. Make yourself defend using something more complicated like a database.

A dev blog can be simple. I’ve integrated Heroku and GitHub, so every time I push to master, the app is deployed. This allows me to make changes on GitHub with my phone, or merge Dependabot PRs, and deploy to production automatically.

I hope someone finds it helpful.

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