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Published: November 27, 2015 2 min read

This week I created a new project on Github, ‘Resources’, available here:


‘Resources’ is a collection of free online articles and tools I have found useful for learning. It was inspired by Josh Branchaud’s Resources and Free Programming Books.

It containts articles about C, the command line, Rails, refactoring, Regex, Ruby, Rust, Vim, and general topics. I plan to add posts about Go, JavaScript, DevOps, testing, and whatever else I’m hacking on.

I created this project because I needed to document the incredible library of online articles I’ve discovered over the past few years. The internet is an ephemeral place, yet there are blog posts from fifteen years ago that still get passed around among programmers today. I’d like to collect these posts and provide it as a resource to everybody, the same way Today I Learned open-sourced mine and my colleagues’ small daily learnings. It will be a reading list I can share with anybody who’s interested in the work we’re doing at Hashrocket, and something to help me catalogue what I’ve read in the past.

I hope to build it into something valuable. Please submit a PR if you have any good content to add.

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