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Exploring the JWT Sub

Published: April 02, 2021 2 min read

As I explore JSON Web Tokens (JWT; pronounced ‘jot’ if you enjoy correcting people), I’m learning the rules and testing, much like a Velociraptor, what I can get away with. Today I learned about the sub registered claim.

Registered claims are the fields of the JWT payload that are enumerated in the spec. Like all claims they must be unique, and they aren’t mandatory.

sub matches the person who requested the token; i.e. "customer@example.com". With sub we can therefore send an anodyne piece of user data to the browser without any additional request. So, you can use the JWT to authenticate, sub to show the user their email, and because clients cannot alter the JWT, you can even use sub to look up a user.

sub is defined in the spec as a string. If you need more than a string can provide, you’re going to have to try other claims on the JWT, or more conventionally, a network request.

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