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Upgrade To Rails 5

May 31, 20161 min read

Today I upgraded this blog to the Rails 5 first release candidate. Here is the pull request where the changes were made:


I look forward to building on this platform and trying out the latest features. Please let me know if you notice irregularities. Thanks to the Rails 5 team and contributors for making this upcoming release possible!

Update! (1/3/2017)

Turns out I missed a few steps.

The official Rails 5 upgrade guide was published around the time of my initial post; there were a lot of small nuances I missed. Kudos to the Rails Core team for making the upgrade so seamless that some of the details (such as replacing ActiveRecord::Base with an ApplicationRecord) could be ignored initially.

I keep this blog around (and on Rails) for this exact reason– I get to live on the bleeding edge of releases with almost no consequence for jumping the gun. It supports my client work directly, because when I’m finally asked to upgrade a production Rails application to Rails 5 (which hasn’t happened yet), I’ve already navigated the more complex challenges that lie ahead, on my own time.

Here’s the pull request where I finished the upgrade tasks:


These two blog posts helped me along the way:

Also, Today I Learned is soon to be on Rails 5! Dorian Karter gets it done yet again. Look for a deployed version (which should look and feel exactly the same) this week.

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