Jake Worth

WebAssembly 101

December 18, 20191 min read

I’m happy to announce that in January 2020, I’ll be giving my first presentation about WebAssembly to my colleagues at Hashrocket, in a talk titled WebAssembly 101.

This is talk-driven-development— I’m speaking about WebAssembly because I know very little about it and want to learn. I believe it’s an important emerging technology that may greatly affect web developers. I hope the talk helps bootstrap my coworkers and push our technical discussion in a new direction.

Hashrocket Miniconfs aren’t recorded or made public, so I won’t be sharing any video or slides. However, I’ll be writing about what I learn on Twitter at @jwworth. Follow me there to join on the journey. I hope some of those learnings spill over into this blog; if that happens I’ll update this post with links.

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