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Week in Review: Week 13, 2021

Published: April 02, 2021 2 min read

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Here’s my review for this week.

Previous Action Items


What Went Well

My pair and I ended a client engagement we’d been on for almost a year. I feel that we left our mostly-finished epic in the best place that we could.

Sometimes writing my newsletter comes easily, and sometimes it’s challenging; this was one of the challenging weeks. I am grateful to have a medium to communicate with my 134 subscribers.

I worked for fourteen hours on my side project. Longer focused sessions are not possible most weeks, but when they are, I get a lot done.

I answered this question about ternary operators and ERB on Stack Overflow.

What Could Have Gone Better

I overscheduled myself. Thursday and Friday were the payment, as I had side-project work, mentorship, weekly review, and newsletter production & editing all scheduled in that two-day period. I need to respect my calendar.

I’ve been wanting to read a technical book for a while, yet I’ve been struggling. I picked Code Complete because it’s well-regarded, but I’m still on the first or second chapter. Digital technical books are tough, because my computer is so distracting.

Forming Opinions

I’ve been using a new React directory structure for a few months, and loving it. The idea is that components are treated like modules and organized by route. Shared components live in common/. I found this after abandoning two other patterns: a flat tree (doesn’t scale), and directories organized by component (hides code while imparting no meaning).

So, if I have three routes, dashboard/, login/ and setup/, here’s an example tree:

$ tree src/
├── App.tsx
├── NavLinks.tsx
├── UserLinks.tsx
├── index.css
├── index.tsx
├── logo.svg
├── modules
│   ├── common
│   │   └── components
│   │       └── Avatar.tsx
│   ├── dashboard
│   │   └── components
│   │       └── Dashboard.tsx
│   ├── login
│   │   └── components
│   │       └── Login.tsx
│   └── setup
│       └── components
│           └── Setup.tsx
└── utils
    ├── api.ts
    └── user.ts

And I import each component with full paths rather than relative. Why? I find that I’ll almost never need to update them because the structure above is so simple and scalable, and with full paths I can CTRL-X CTRL-L complete future imports because every component imports them the same way: Here’s how I’d import Avatar from anywhere, even a file in the same directory:

import { Avatar } from 'modules/common/components/Avatar';

The longer I write React, the more I have come to depend on fuzzy find. I’ve mapped fuzzy finding files to CTRL-P in Vim. I love not having to hold my project’s directory structure in my head at all times.

Action Items

  • Try reading a physical technical book
  • Stop double-booking myself

Parting Thought

“Cut 10%.” —Stephen King

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