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Week in Review: Week 15, 2021

Published: April 16, 2021 3 min read

I took last week off.

Here’s my weekly review; I’m borrowing Ben Kuhn’s format. Check out his blog– it’s amazing.

Opening Thought

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” —Thomas Edison


Was I consistent at my core habits this week? How can I tweak them to be more consistent or more useful?

I’ve been maintaining an Engineering Daybook months, and this week I kept it up to date. I alternate between Cornell Notes, Bullet Journalling, and borderline-legible scribbles. I’d like to be consistent with my format.

Starting out on a new work computer without any of my stuff is refreshing.

I tried a technique this week for a new project: taking screenshots of meetings, presentations, terminal sessions, important screens, etc. When onboarding, I struggle to simultaneously take notes and pay attention, perhaps because I don’t always know what’s important so I annotate everything. I’m hoping that reviewing these screenshots on a periodic basis will help me remember what I’ve seen, and cut down on the ground I need to re-tread.

I brought my Hashrocket commit habits, PR habits, code review habits, and devops habits to my new project. It’s a set of skills that I’m proud to have honed.


What did I do this week that was a mistake and how can I avoid repeating it?

I offered a PR for review that changed more lines of code than necessary. Bottom line: I believe PR’s should be surgical. On large projects with normal turnover, that Git history is invaluable. Don’t step on it without a great reason.

I did not deliver an issue of React Explained this week as planned. My hours have changed and I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to do my newsletter going forward. I’d like to figure that out before the next issue.

Comparative Advantage

How much of this week did I spend on stuff that was truly my comparative advantage? For everything else, how can I get out of the loop?

💗 This week after 6.5 years of use, I weaned myself off the Hashrocket Dotmatrix. It was difficult! I think this will be to my advantage because I’ll deepen my configuration skills, I won’t be dependant on other (stellar) people to maintain my environment, and I won’t be loading code that I don’t use. Losing access to that hive-mind is hard, but I plan to visit the repo frequently.

I read the official Spree docs this week, and a summary of the core business of my new team. Those little investments always pay off.

Finally, I set up a new M1 Mac with the help of Rosetta. Upgrading from a 2014 to a 2021 MBP is going to make me a faster developer.

I set up Exhuberant Ctags on my new machine, using this blog post, then added gem-ctags with bundler.vim. Confidence in library source is a hallmark of a senior programmer and I’m pleased to be leveling up.

Action Items

  • Remind myself to scope PR’s to the smallest change

Thanks for reading.

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